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Time is of the Essence

Time is a big big big…(etc) barrier when it comes to training, but I want to ask you one question.


Training doesn’t have to be down at the gym, it can be done anywhere and at any time.

Sure, if you have kids or are working hard most of the day I get it, but it doesn’t mean it’s the time that’s stopping you.

I’d be interested in knowing what other things you do. What TV shows you watch? What you do to socialise? What takes up most of your time?

I bet you’d be able to find 5-15 minutes to do a bit of exercise? Or get some steps by walking instead of taking the lift at work?

There are hundreds of opportunities where you can get exercise, and in the fitness industry we call this our NEAT levels, and I’ll explain what it is more in depth in a later blog, but in short NEAT is all the bits of activity we do which we don’t count as exercise. For example, the stairs instead of lift is a great one to do, Walking to work, at work putting food away from you and not having it easily accessible so you have to get up and go and get it (this is a great option for keeping snacking down as well).

What do you do whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil? There’s 1-2minutes right there, if I’m just waiting then you’d probably find me stretching my legs a bit because why not?

What to do

Read my last blog post on motivation and set that 5-minute goal of yours.

Set it for doing 5 minutes of exercise a day,

Here’s a little workout for you:

10 Squats

10 Calf Raises

10 High Knees

Then repeat it with 9 of each, and work it down to 1.

Or if you’re not sure about it start like this 

Day 1

1 Squat, 1 calf Raise and 1 high knee. (done not hard right?)

Day 2

1 Squat, 1 calf raises, 1 high knee
2 Squats, 2 calf raises, 2 high knees.

Day 3

1 Squat, 1 calf raise, 1 high knee
2 Squats, 2 calf raises, 2 high knees
3 squats, 3 calf raises 3 high knees

You get the point; in 10 days you will be doing 55 of each exercise in total and be done well within 10 minutes.

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About the Author Marcus Kitchen

Marcus has been helping women lose weight and get the body of their dreams for 4 years. Encouraging them every step of the way and supporting them when they need it the most. No matter what the obstacles are Marcus will guarantee that you get the body you want, without the fad diets but good food and good training.

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