Is Personal Training For Me?

Using a Personal Trainer (PT) can be one of the best decisions you can make in order to achieve your fitness and health goals. So stop asking if “Personal Training is for me” and here are some of the reasons Personal Training is for anyone and everyone.

Technique and Form

One of the most important jobs of a Personal Trainer is to make sure that you have correct form and that you wont be doing damage to you body and exercise in an unsafe manner. This is important for all ranges of ability from beginner to experts. Think about every athlete out there, have a look and see who’s behind them, making sure their training is as efficient and they remain injury free. A good Personal Trainer can make sure that technique is carried out correctly and they can show you how to set up machines and equipment.

Programme design and Progression

A good Personal Trainer should understand the values of periodisation and progression for workout programmes, it’s easy enough to find a programme online and get to work. With a Personal Trainer we can take you through different stages of training, and progress your workouts so that you can train progressively, it takes much more than just handing out a 12 week programme and letting you go. Personal Trainer’s need to work with the client and asses their abilities, adapting exercises and programme workouts specific to their goals.

Nutritional AdviceNutritious and healthy food

Most Personal Trainer’s aren’t certified nutritionists and dietitians and therefore cannot legally give you a meal plan and tell you what to eat, however we can advise you on what your body will roughly need with calorie intake and your macronutrients (Protein, Carbs and Fats). We can help you understand the importance of a well balanced diet. This can have a huge impact on reaching your goal, think of a car and filling up with the wrong type of fuel? The car wouldn’t be able to function properly, this is the same with your body. The right fuel will help you reach those health and fitness goals.

Motivation and Accountability

Personal trainers are there to motivate you during and after your sessions, staying motivated for a long period of time can be difficult, but your personal trainer should be able to keep you motivated consistently. And here’s where the “Personal” bit comes, if your trainer knows you well enough and how well you work then being able to motivate you and keep you working hard towards your goal becomes easier, a good personal trainer requires building a relationship with clients so that they can understand the mental and emotional needs as well as the physical.

Accountability means making time for your workouts and sticking to them, so many people will say “I don’t have time for the gym”, when you hire a trainer and start paying for sessions then there’s much less chance of wanting to skip out on a workout and stick to the appointment. Even the most motivated people can have a lapse of motivation, but having that session booked in for you means there’s no escape. If there’s no one to let down then there’s much more of a chance to skip the days workout.

Smart Goal Setting Goal Setting

Most people that come to a gym don’t know how to set proper goals. Personal Trainers on the other hand are taught from the very beginning that a fully set out goal can make or break hitting your fitness and health aspirations. Personal Trainers can help you set what is called a “SMART Goal” ( which make practical, achievable goals designed and adapted for you.

So many gym goers will be wandering around from machine to machine with little or no goal/plan. Making sure these goals are written down and that are real goals will help you get to where you want to be.

You Don’t Know Your Own Body.

Now don’t get me wrong, you do to a certain extent and it is the job of Personal Trainers to make sure we listen to you as our clients and make sure that we understand your limits. Although gyms will have mirrors all over the place where you’ll see many people taking photos and posing admiring themselves, they are actually there to check your form. But you can only see yourself from one angle, personal trainers are there to check your form and technique and can see from all angles, making sure that you are working out efficiently and safely.

This isn’t the only reason for getting a Personal Trainer, as you work more with you’re trainer we start to understand what your body can take, we can see what you need to reach your goal, we understand where we can push you and where we need to back off a little. Sometimes you will feel crap before coming into the session and your personal trainer will know how to adapt the session to make it work for you. We can help you overcome plateaus in your training by changing things up when its needed.


Getting a Personal Trainer is one of the best ways to achieve your goals, we can help in so many different ways, but one of the main reasons should be that you are investing in yourself. We, as trainers, are here to help you reach your goals and make sure you do as fast as possible, so stop wasting time not knowing what to do next or what to eat, invest in yourself and get a Personal Trainer, its as simple as that.

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