How Do I Get A Flat Stomach?

When people say that diet is 80% of the work they aren’t lying, if you keep filling your body with crap, that means both food and the alcohol, then you aren’t going to make as much progress as you can and should be. One more thing, no matter how many sit ups you do doesn’t mean that they be making an appearance any time soon, don’t get me wrong the core is an important muscle group that needs to be strong and definitely should be worked on, but to see your abs you need to get the body fat percentage down. For gents around a 14% body fat should mean that the abs start to make an appearance, whereas in women who need a higher percentage of body fat need around 16-19% to see abs but a flat stomach is around the 20-22% body fat.

Everyone’s Different

Many factors come into play with achieving a flat stomach, some people find it easier to loose fat than others, whereas they would find it easier to build muscle. Some people find steady state better for fat loss and others find high interval training better. The main thing is to work out what your body responds to best and match up healthy eating and correct nutrition for fat loss, and remember it takes time to change the body, the results are not going to happen overnight, as long as you keep working hard and putting in the effort you will achieve results.

Some Simple Tips:
1. Watch your Sodium (salt) intake

The higher your sodium levels the more you will hold onto water especially in the stomach region. Having high sodium meals can also add to bloating which wont help in the slightest.

2. Ensure That You Are Drinking Enough

People often think that if they drink more water then they will retain more, this is the total opposite, when you don’t drink enough the kidneys release a hormone that causes the kidney to hold onto more water. Water retention in the body can cause the cells to become puffy and bloat, giving the appearance of a softer, plumper look making you look fatter than you actually are. So make sure you’re drinking enough.

3. Be in a Calorie Deficit.

This deoesnt mean starving yourself!!! The simplest way to say it is to consume less calories than you use, making sure that you eat nutritious meals and don’t starve the body of its needed nutrients. If you end up starving yourself you can find your body holding on to the fat instead of using it up for energy, as the body thinks its going to need a supply of emergency energy and stores energy as fat.

4. Exercise

Whilst diet is one of the most important factors for achieving a flat stomach, exercise is also a must. If your exercise regularly then the amount of calories and energy that the body uses increases. This means achieving the calorie deficit is easier, which does mean more food (Yay!) as long as its the right kinds of food.

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