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I have seen many of my clients come to me having tried this or that diet, or workouts.

As someone who finds it easy to put weight on this has been a problem of my own and this is why I want to help you achieve the weight loss that you want.

Together we will cut through all the diets and fads and get to what really matters, you and your body. We will give you the tools to take control of your diet and your health so that you can lose weight but live the life that you want.

My name is Marcus and before I became a Personal Trainer, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (similar to Chron's), put on all sorts of medications, which made me put on weight and took all my energy away, so I know how hard it is to lose weight and maintain it. So through exercise and making the right choices I got off the medications and lost the weight I had put on, then decided to help others do the same. No matter where you are now there is a way forward.


Barbara Salje

Marcus was an excellent PT. Really boosted my confidence in the gym. I feel much stronger and going to keep going with all that he's taught me

Jane Martin

Marcus has been a great PT for me: thoughtful about what exercises will work for me, stretch me and build my confidence. Makes you work hard, but gives you a real sense of achievement and ensures you keep progressing. Thank you.

Kat Thomson

Had a PT session with Marcus and I have a very specific goal. It was clear that he had been thinking about things and had done a bit of research before we met up which was very impressive. Marcus clearly takes an interest with each individual client and their needs. Marcus tailored a specific work out for me and then took videos and typed out the plan we'd discussed so I knew exactly what I was doing. He then sent me everything I needed directly to my phone, which not going to lie, is glued to me permanently. Being a bit of a technophobe, I was amazed how idiot proof he made things. No excuses now! I'm excited for my results. 10/10 would recommend

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